Total 2% Fat Greek Yoghurt

Total 2% Fat Greek Yoghurt
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Brand: Total+Greek
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It contains live active yoghurt cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus and L. Casei), which remain active until the expiration date.Enjoy our Fage Total 2% yoghurt plain or with fresh fruit and toppings of your choice.Fage Total 2% yoghurt is a delicious alternative to cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese and sour cream.Pronounced: Fa-Yeh!3g sugars, 9.9g protein, 70 kcal per 100g, Made with only milk and yoghurt cultures, High in protein, Source of calcium, No added sugar - contains only naturally occurring milk sugar, Gluten-free, Additive and preservative free, Vegetarian Society ApprovedFor more delicious recipe ideas, visit our website or search online for our recipe book.Full of fresh, tasty ideas with Fage Total yoghurt. Available online and in all good bookshops.