Twinings Lady Grey Tea, 50 Tea Bags

Twinings Lady Grey Tea, 50 Tea Bags
Categories: Dairy, Yoghurts
Brand: Twinings
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They say behind every great man is an even greater woman.Inspired by rolling orange and lemon groves, we developed Lady Grey for Earl Grey lovers who wanted something a little bit fruitier. We couldn’t possibly play favourites, but Lady Grey will always have a special place in our hearts.What does it taste like?A light, refreshing tea with juicy citrus notes. Delicious and full of zesty brightness.What makes this tea different?The zesty orange. It’s the perfect addition for its refreshing fruity flavour. It’s the original and still the best.Tea, Twinings & InspirationFor us, tea is more than just a drink. It’s a way to calm down, to wake up, to spark an idea, to share a story.Our own story started in 1706. That’s when Thomas Twining first set up shop on London’s Strand. In the age of coffee shops, he was the man who loved tea and worked hard to bring it to the people.More than 300 years later, the passion’s still there. Each tea - and we have more than 115 - is a special blend. They’re tasted and tasted by our experts until it’s just right. And we still sell tea from Thomas’s little shop, so pop in for a visit. We’d love to see you there.If you like to drink yours without milk, why not try our Lemon Grey? It’s Earl Grey with a zesty splash of lemon. Discover something new with Twinings.By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Tea & Coffee Merchants R. Twining and Company Limited. London.Bright with zesty orange, Foil sealed for freshnessDoing goodWith your support, Twinings helps provide access to clean water for villages across Darjeeling, helps improve mother and baby health in tea growing regions of Yunnan and helps improve health and nutrition in tea communities in Assam.Ethical Tea PartnershipTwinings is a founding member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.