Unearthed Stuffed Cherry Peppers Cream Cheese & Paprika

Unearthed Stuffed Cherry Peppers Cream Cheese & Paprika
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Brand: Unearthed
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The perfect bite-sized appetiser - these stuffed peppers have a slight kick, beautifully complemented by creamy cheese and smoky paprika stuffing. We think they’re great for sprucing up a charcuterie board too!The Unearthed® Story…“It’s all my Dad’s fault. Our childhood trips round Greece inspired my life-long Love of local food. Unearthed® is my way of sharing those experiences and connecting people to the cultures that produce these incredible edibles. We travel the world to find authentic ingredients from local producers, and bring them home to be enjoyed by the many, not just the few. It’s about a spirit of Discovery and the simple pleasure that sharing great food can bring - just like dad said”.Simon Day(The guy behind the brand)We love to spruce up a salad with these, These bright red beauties are bursting with flavour!, Suitable for vegetariansLooking for good inspiration?Visit our website, we’ve got some amazing recipes discovered on our travelswww.foodsunearthed.co.uk1p from every pack supportsAction Against HungerRegistered Charity No. 1047501