Valsoia Cherry & Cream Soya Ice Cream

Valsoia Cherry & Cream Soya Ice Cream
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Valsoia
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Finally, a dairy-free gelato that speaks Italian!Valsoia ice cream is the dairy-free Italian Gelato. A delicious plant-based specialty, ideal as a sweet treat. Available in lots of different flavours and varieties, it has no animal fats and is naturally lactose free and therefore easily digestible.100% plant-based, gluten and dairy free and suitable for Vegans.Valsoia has been Italy’s premier health food company since its foundation in 1990, leading the market for quality, product innovation and choice. Utilising the finest ingredients, its wholly plant-based, GMO-free foods are produced with all the expertise of Italian food traditions and perfectly balance great flavour with healthy ingredients. Valsoia’s products enjoyed by millions of Italian families and the company is listed on the country’s stock exchange.Valsoia is a member of Ciao Gusto - a unique family of leading Italian food and drink companies. Bringing you the finest authentic flavours from the brands Italians truly love.100% plant-based, Gluten free and Naturally Lactose free, Suitable for Vegans