We Love The Planet Natural Deodorant Cream Mint

We Love The Planet Natural Deodorant Cream Mint
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: We+Love+The+Planet
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The natural ingredients in the deodorant have a soothing and hydrating effect and keep you wonderfully fresh! The soft cream is quickly absorbed into your skin and does not clog the pores. Each deodorant is based on a combination of, among other things, coconut oil, beeswax and corn starch powder that make the deodorant easy to spread and leave your skin velvety soft. The deodorants are supplied in sturdy, small tins with a capacity of 48 grams. We have consciously opted for this, as tin has a recycling percentage of 95% in the Netherlands and is therefore the best recycled type of packaging. As it is in a tin, the deodorant travels well. Despite its small size, the deodorant lasts no less than two to three months, depending on the use.Mighty Mint is a refreshing and energetic blend of mint and rosemary. Features & Benefits- Plastic-free packaging - recyclable tin - 100% of the ingredients are from natural origin - certified by Natural Cosmetics Standard (NCS) and EcoControl- Aluminium-free and Paraben-free- Easy to apply- One deodorant lasts for 2-3 months- More than a deodorant, it nourishes the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effectIngredients Coconut Oil: Moisturising and cooling effect; Replenishes lipids and soothesSodium Bicarbonate: Neutralises unpleasant odours (deodorising effect); Cleanses and removes excess oilCorn Starch Powder: Softens skin and reduces excess sweat; High absorption capacityBeeswax: Provides a wonderfully creamy consistency; Conditions and smoothes the skinCaprylic Acid: Calming and healing effectSt. John’s Wort Oil: Calming and healing effect; Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect