Yakult Light

Yakult Light
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Brand: Yakult
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Reduced sugar**Yakult Light contains 67% less sugar and 37% fewer calories than Yakult Original.What is Yakult Light?Yakult Light is a fermented skimmed milk drink containing billions of Yakult’s unique bacteria, L. casei Shirota, which is scientifically proven to reach the gut alive! Each little bottle is also enriched with vitamin D which supports the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function, plus vitamin E which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.Our StoryYakult has a long heritage and an amazing amount of science behind its iconic little bottle. Our founder, the Japanese scientist Dr Shirota, spent many years investigating the benefits of intestinal bacteria. In 1930 he succeeded in selecting and cultivating a unique strain of lactic acid bacteria that was robust enough to reach the gut alive. He used this strain, now known as L. casei Shirota, to make a fermented milk drink. And so, in 1935 the first bottle of Yakult was produced.Fast forward 85 years, Dr Shirota’s work is continued with passion by hundreds of scientists and researchers seeking future applications for this unique bacteria.Yakult. A Little Bottle of ScienceEnriched with vitamins D & E, 0% fat, Contains 20 billion L. casei Shirota bacteria, Bacteria scientifically proven to reach the gut alive, Fat free, Gluten-free, Suitable for vegetariansEnjoy as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.