Yeo Valley Little Yeos Organic Fruity Favourites Smooth Yoghurts

Yeo Valley Little Yeos Organic Fruity Favourites Smooth Yoghurts
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Big Pots of Smooth YogurtOrganic wholemilk yogurt blended with a smooth, organic fruit puree.1 x Strawberry1 x Raspberry1 x Apricot1 x Peach Dear Parent, we make our children’s yogurts with all natural, organic ingredients, at our family-owned dairy in Somerset. The delicious flavours have been carefully selected to help develop your children’s palate and the calcium in the milk will help to build their bones and teeth. And, because we know they don’t stay babies for very long, these pots are bigger than our 6-pack pots, making them perfect for your growing child.Yeo Valley is a real place in the Somerset countryside and we’ve been farming here since 1961.We support hundreds of British Family farms by buying their milk for the tasty things we make.Organic British Milk, 4 Pots of Organic Yogurt, Real Fruit Purée, Never Any Nasties, Source of Calcium, Gluten free, Suitable for vegetariansCollect 10 Yeokens Inside the SleeveUK, 18+. See inside or for details.Look inside for fun & games with or friends from Timmy time™Did You Know…?Organic farms are home to up to 50% more wildlifeWe never use chemical pesticides, which helps heaps more insects, birds and animals to thrive.Thanks for choosing organic and putting nature first.Look inside for your Yeokens code and enter it at YV.TC to collect.Design: