Yeo Valley Organic Greek Style with Honey 0% Fat

Yeo Valley Organic Greek Style with Honey 0% Fat
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Contains the following Live Cultures: Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Streptococcus thermophilus & Lactobacillus acidophilus.We’ve been farming here in this Somerset valley since 1961 & we’re 100% Yeoganic.What’s Yeoganic? It’s our way of being organic & a little bit more - we go the extra country mile when it comes to keeping our land & livestock healthy.What’s 100% Yeoganic All About Then?It’s our way of being organic & so much more, promising you we will Always do the right thing.We manage 50 acres of our farm purely to give a home to wildlife like field mice, voles & skylarks. We also leave extra-wide field margins to give barn owls a supper superhighway - we’ve even laid on owl boxes so they stay a bit longer.Did you know we also make…Frozen Yeogurt, yeogurts for Children, butter, milk, cream, crème fraîche & even fruit compote?Organic British Milk, 0% Fat, Gluten free, Suitable for vegetariansCollect Yeokens for RewardsLook Under the LidTerms & Conditions: UK, IoM and CI only. 18+. Purchase required. To register, for details of the rewards and for full Terms & Conditions visit We will give you 3 months’ notice prior to the end of the scheme. Promoter: Yeo Marketing Ltd.You’ve Just Earned 10 YeokensLook under the lid for your Yeokens code and enter it at to collect, spend & win.Spend your yeokens on discounts, goodies & prizes, events in the Valley, great stuff to do at home, trips, treats & moreWhat Goes Around…This pot is made from 100% recycled plastic which means we’ve given it a new life, and so can you!Help us close the loop by putting it in your recycling* and keeping it out of landfill.Thanks for recycling and putting nature first.*Remember to separate the pot and the sleeve firstDesign: