Yeo Valley Organic Semi Skimmed UHT Milk

Yeo Valley Organic Semi Skimmed UHT Milk
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At Yeo Valley Organic, we always strive to put nature first - it is our fundamental belief that we should work with nature and not against it, which means we are 100% organic right down to our roots and have been farming this way for over 25 years.We turn the best of British organic dairy into a range of brilliant things with organic milk from organic British family farms around the UK. Such as Organic Semi skimmed milk, Organic Cheese and Organic Butter.Bees and other pollinators are just as important to us as our cows, in fact they’re an integral part of farming to grow food for people and for cows. As well as having bee hives on our farms, we have been working with Buckleys Bees to create new homes on British organic dairy farms across the UK for thousands of honey bees! By buying Yeo Valley Free Range Organic Milk you are helping to support this.Made with Organic British milk from free range cows, grazing on lush pasture, Made with free range organic milk sourced from British family farms, Naturally high in calcium, protein, iodine, vitamins B2 and B12, a natural source of nutrients, Suitable for Vegetarians and anyone who loves organic food. We always strive to put nature firstBy buying Yeo Valley Organic Free Range semi skimmed milk you are helping support honey bees.**To find out more please visit