Yummies with Tropical Sorbet and Lime Gummies

Yummies with Tropical Sorbet and Lime Gummies
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Focusing on fruity but with a gummy twist, we’ve created the Yummies Tropical Ice Lollies: tropical-flavoured water ice cream swirled with lime gummies for an irresistible sensation packed full of fun! These fruity, refreshing ice lolly sticks come in a pack of 4, making them the perfect dessert for a kids’ party… or for when you’re craving a frozen snack involving your favourite sweets. Ice cream is a ‘fun food’, and we have specially designed our ice lollies to have fun tastes, textures, shapes, and colours, while also adhering to our Responsibly Made for Kids nutritional values. Wall’s Yummies Tropical Ice Lollies are a yummy sweet treat made with lemon juice and only natural flavourings. They contain no artificial colours and are gluten-free certified. At 49 kcal per portion, Wall’s Yummies Tropical is a part of our Responsibly Made For Kids promise. At Wall’s, all of our kids’ ice creams with this logo have been formulated according to our set criteria for calories, saturated fat, and sugar. Our entire kids’ ice cream range will contain no more than 110 kcal or 3 g of saturated fat per serving, and no more than 20 g of added sugar per 100 g. Wall’s Yummies Tropical Ice Lollies are the perfect treat for parties, hot summer days, or even as an after-school snack. Dive in and explore a new paradise as you collect yummy treats along the way! How many gummies will you find?Wall’s Yummies Tropical Ice Lollies: a deliciously fruity ice lolly with hidden gummies, A refreshing, tropical-flavoured ice lolly with hidden lime gummies inside - for an irresistible sensation packed full of fun!, Our ice lollies come in exciting tastes, textures, colours and shapes, so they’re a fun snack that all kids will love, Wall’s ice lollies are gluten-free, Responsibly Made for Kids certified, and contain no artificial colours or flavours, These ice lolly sticks are a refreshing, tasty sweet treat that can be enjoyed as snacks for kids after school, at kids’ parties, or on a hot summer’s day, Each pack contains 4 Wall’s Yummies Tropical Ice Lollies, so you and your kids can enjoy them as a tasty treat for any occasion