Bradbury's Xmas Party Platter

Bradbury's Xmas Party Platter
Categories: CheeseCheddar & Jack
Brand: Bradbury
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Wensleydale Cheese with Dried Sweetened Cranberries - A complex and rounded Wensleydale with a smooth, close texture. The cheese has robust flavours with a hint of butterscotch, leaving a delicious sweetness on the palate and a fresh Cranberry taste.Isle of Man Mature Cheddar Cheese - IOM Mature Cheddar Cheese is a wonderfully creamy & rich mature Cheddar embodies a sweet flavour with slight savoury notes and slight crunch in the texture. Isle of Man Red Leiecester Cheese - IOM Red Leicester is a rich, russet coloured cheese with a flaky, slightly open texture and a distinctive caramel flavour. Typically aged for 15 Months to allow the flavour to develop against a standard Red Leicester.Double Gloucester, Chive & Onion - Double Gloucester is a traditional handmade cheese, smooth and buttery in texture with a clean mellow flavour, made from the milk of Old Gloucester cattle. The exciting addition of Chive and Onion gives this wonderful cheese a delightful savoury twist.Suitable for vegetarians