Brindisa Nitrate Free Iglesias Chorizo Ring

Brindisa Nitrate Free Iglesias Chorizo Ring
Categories: Cheese, Cheese boards
Brand: Brindisa
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Carnicas Iglesias have been curing hams and chorizos since 1928. The careful craftsmanship behind their fine ibérico hams also produces this excellent chorizo.Iglesias’ Chorizo ““Estilo Caseros”” is produced to the standards of the Consorcio del Chorizo Español and is a 100% Spanish. The pigs must be raised in Spain according to the Consorcio’s standards. The chorizos are produced by tradition methods and all ingredients must be Spanish.Chorizo ““Estilo Casero”” is prepared with all natural ingredients and slowly cured for a minimum of 2 months. It has a good, rich paprika flavour, a hint of oregano and a good creamy texture. An excellent addition to a meat and cheese board.