Cheesies Gouda Crunchy Popped Cheese

Cheesies Gouda Crunchy Popped Cheese
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What’s All This Then?We turn a block of cheese into an outrageously tasty, crunchy snack just by baking it.Literally just cheese, nothing added. Magic.And with no fridge required they’re perfect for nibbling al desko, on the run or with a drink.Use as croutons on your salad or soup for eternal gratitude from your tastebuds.100% Cheese, Smooth & Mellow, High Protein, 119 kcals Per 20g Serving, No Carbs, Sugar and Junk, Just Cheese, Baked Til Crunchy, Gluten Free, Crunchy Bites of 100% Cheese, Vegetarian FriendlyEat More CheeseExcite your taste buds with Cheesies recipes. Head to for your free cookbook