Chicago Town 2 Deep Dish 4 Cheese Pizzas

Chicago Town 2 Deep Dish 4 Cheese Pizzas
Categories: Cheese, Cheddar & Jack
Brand: Chicago+Town
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The Best Yet!††In sensory testing with 105 Frozen Pizza buyers, this new recipe scored significantly higher on 7 out of 11 sensory attributes and 60% of buyers preferred this new recipe.We raise the crust high, add a boatload of our signature tomato sauce, and go full-on with mature Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Emmental and a loada mozzarella cheese.In Chicago Town, we don’t just make pizza, we go to town on it. Just like some downtown genius did way back in ‘43 when they raised the crusts higher and made history with the Deep Dish Pizza. It’s this kind of thinking outside the pizza box that inspires us to bring you a taste of Chicago.The original one!, 3 Mins or Oven Cook in 22 Mins, Suitable for VegetariansFacebookInstagramTwitter