Chicago Town Takeaway Medium Stuffed Cheese Pizza

Chicago Town Takeaway Medium Stuffed Cheese Pizza
Categories: Cheese, Cheddar & Jack
Brand: Chicago+Town
3.75 GBP
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If you like your pizza fully loaded, get a load of this! We’ve taken our unique rising Takeaway dough and topped with a whole loada mozzarella, mature Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Emmental. And hey, it comes with our awesome squishy signature tomato sauce stuffed crust!In Chicago Town, we don’t just make pizza, we go to town on it. Just like some downtown genius did way back in ‘43 when they raised the crusts higher and made history with the Deep Dish Pizza. It’s this kind of thinking outside the pizza box that inspires us to bring you a taste of Chicago.Check Out Our RangeChicago Town Deep Dish 4 Four CheeseChicago Town Tiger Crust Double PepperoniPizza? Yeah, We Go to Town on itFan Oven Cook in 16 Mins, Raw Dough for You to Bake at Home, We Make it Fresh in Our Bakery, But we Don’t Bake it, You Do, Suitable for VegetariansLike us? For great offers and competitions follow us on social media or get updates direct to your inbox at