Easy Bean Chickpea Crispbread Cheddar Crunch

Easy Bean Chickpea Crispbread Cheddar Crunch
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West Country Mature Cheddar…The perfect addition to our Chickpea Crispbread. They are hand made in our Somerset bakery with nutty-tasting chickpea flour, butter and Cheddar from the farm down the road. Polenta gives the crispbread an irresistible crunch, along with a healthy topping of linseed, flax, millet and chia seed.For the love of beansAt Easy Bean, we love chickpeas. They’re one of nature’s healthiest foods and so tasty that most of the world enjoys them in their favourite dishes - from spicy Indian curries to creamy hummus. By creating delicious new ways to enjoy beans, peas and lentils, we’ve giving them the status they deserve. Viva la bean!Want to try more of our beanie ranges? Our one-pot meals are just the thing for a tasty lunch.Great taste 2017, Natural ingredients, Gluten and wheat free, High fibre, Suitable for vegetarians