Higgidy Smoked English Bacon Quiche

Higgidy Smoked English Bacon Quiche
Categories: Cheese, Cheddar & Jack
Brand: Higgidy
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Seeded spelt shortcrust pastry with smoked English bacon & ham, mature Cheddar cheese and a free range egg filling, hand-topped with smoky bacon lardons and even more Cheddar.A little bit more about us…We’re Higgidy, and we make glorious everyday food to help people live well. Bold, vibrant, uplifting dishes for lovely lunches and swift but satisfying suppers. Not forgetting, moreish nibbles for mid-afternoon snacking too. www.higgidy.co.ukPerfectly punchy, Smoked English bacon, Outdoor-bred ham, mature cheddar, Free-range eggs, as always, Camilla’s seeded shortcrust pastryLike our friends at FareShare, we believe that no good food should go to waste. That’s why we donate any extra pies, quiches or rolls to the team at FareShare Sussex who turn them into meals for those who need them most.