itsu Mega Miso Protein Noodles

itsu Mega Miso Protein Noodles
Categories: CheeseGouda and others
Brand: Itsu
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No Rinsing Required…A world famous ironman triathlete [better not say his name], obsessively rinsed his cottage cheese to remove the excess fat. He was determined to maximise his protein intake. Sounds a bit much.These protein’noodles, packed with over 20g of vegan plant protein & less than 6g of fat per cup, have muscled into our existing range of very popular noodle cups.On the right is Yoshihiro [not the ironman], renowned master of Japanese cuisine, who blends our authentic miso broth in the Nagano Valley, 3 hours from Tokyo.Enjoy our eat beautiful journey; what we do, and why on earth we do it, at 20g vegan protein, Authentic broths: direct from Japan, High in protein and fibre, Low in fat, Suitable for vegansThe unique, firm texture of these noodles is achieved by swapping rice or wheat flour with high protein soybeans. Please follow the on-pack instructions for best results.