Mini Babybel Organic cheese snacks

Mini Babybel Organic cheese snacks
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Brand: Babybel
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Mini Babybel® Organic is a delicious, fun and convenient snack for both kids and adults. It has all the delicious taste of our Mini Babybel® cheese that you know and love, but is made with organic milk from 100% organic farms around our factory in France.Since its launch in 1977 in France, Mini Babybel® has become an iconic cheese, recognised for its bite size shape, yummy flavour and amusing red wax jacket. We introduced Mini Babybel® Organic a couple of years ago in the UK.Mini Babybel® Organic is effortlessly convenient due to its wax casing. You can keep your own ready-to-eat portion to hand, wherever you are, whatever you’re up to, at home or on the go.Easy to carry in a rucksack or bag, Mini Babybel® Organic will delight you as a tasty snack or as an energy booster when you’re at work. Feel like sharing? Surprise the kids with a little extra treat for their lunchbox, or with a fun and delicious after school snack.Mini Babybel® Organic is a 100% real cheese made out of only 4 simple ingredients. It’s nutritious as well as delicious! Every cheese is a natural source of protein and calcium. Our free grazing cows, which produce the organic milk, munch on feed which hasn’t been near a pesticide, or been genetically modified.PS:Need some other snack ideas? Why not try out our other Mini Babybel cheese varieties…Mini Babybel with Cheddar, Mini Babybel with Gouda or even our Variety pack which has 3 scrumptious variants (Original, Cheddar Variety and Gouda Variety)Organic, fun and convenient cheese snacks for kids and adults, Perfect for snacking, easy to carry in a backpack or in a gymbag, Made from 100% organic milk, 100% real cheese, Pack size: 5 x 20g portions, Rich in protein and calcium: 155ml of milk in each cheese, No added colours, flavours and preservatives, Lactose free and suitable for pregnant women and vegetariansLearn more about our Babybel commitments on smiles