Ocado Vegetarian Sandwich Platter

Ocado Vegetarian Sandwich Platter
Categories: Cheese, Cheddar & Jack
Brand: Ocado
14 GBP
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Ocado Vegetarian Sandwich Platter4 Cheddar Ploughman’s Sandwiches:Mature Cheddar cheese, tomato, sandwich pickle and lettuce on malted bread.4 Free Range Egg & Cress Sandwiches:Free range egg mayonnaise and salad cress on white bread.4 Cheese & Onion Sandwiches:A blend of mild Cheddar cheese, Red Leicester cheese, mayonnaise and onion on white bread with oatmeal.4 Roasted Vegetables, Houmous & Harissa Sandwiches:Mixed vegetables in harissa paste, houmous, mayonnaise and spinach on malted bread.