Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Cheddar

Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Cheddar
Categories: CheeseCheddar & Jack
Brand: Pilgrims+Choice
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Packed full of powerful flavour, our Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature is the perfect everyday cheddar for a slight crunch and a mighty, tasty punch. Introducing the Megablock. The same unmistakable taste of Pilgrims Choice, now with 40% less plastic packaging. It’s the exact same weight of cheese but in an improved block shape that is optimized for slicing and grating.No matter whether you’re a cheese lover, a taste enthusiast or a midnight fridge raider, we promise to always strive to fill your life with flavour with the unapologetic, unashamed, unmistakable taste of Pilgrims Choice.Pilgrims Choice. Fill your life with flavour.Now with 40% less plastic packaging, Suitable for vegetariansFor delicious recipes, visit www.pilgrimschoice.com or join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.