Port Salut Traditional French Cheese

Port Salut Traditional French Cheese
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Attractive to look at and scrumptious to eat, Port Salut® is a mild, smooth, classic French cheese, recognisable for its vibrant orange rind, mouth watering flavour and soft, creamy texturePort Salut® was developed over 200 years ago by French monks, and has since been a favourite with old and young connoisseurs alike, heroed at celebrations and gatherings.Its convenient and versatile wedge format makes it easy to enjoy in many different ways. Port Salut® can be enjoyed at sophisticated gatherings, served on a cheese board for a little extra “je ne sais quoi” or devoured at picnics and casual get-togethers with friends and family. For something as simple as an evening in with a glass of wine, Port Salut® adds a touch of indulgence!Port Salut is a natural cheese, and so a great source of protein and calcium.Authentic, natural, mild and creamy French cheese wedge, Versatile: Delicious for cheeseboards with crackers, sandwiches, salads and picnics, Made in France with pasteurised cow’s milk, Suitable for pregnant women and vegetarians