Unearthed Olives with Gouda & Cumin

Unearthed Olives with Gouda & Cumin
Categories: CheeseGouda and others
Brand: Unearthed
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Flavour ProfileSweet Warm Earthyness from the cumin and smooth creamyness from the Gouda. Yum!The Dutch City of Gouda is famous for a Semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk, but in true unearthed® style what you see before you is something rather special. One of our intrepid flavour finders discovered this incredible cumin-spiked version on a recent visit, fell in love with its distinctive flavour and convinced us to launch it in the UK. One nibble and you’ll know why. Simply pair with salami.The unearthed® Story… “It’s all my Dad’s fault. Our childhood trips round Greece inspired my life-long Love of local food. Unearthed® is my way of sharing those experiences and connecting people to the cultures that produce these incredible edibles. We travel the world to find authentic ingredients from local producers, and bring them home to be enjoyed by the many, not just the few. It’s about a spirit of Discovery and the simple pleasure that sharing great food can bring - just like dad said”.Simon Day(The guy behind the brand)Discover a World of Flavour, Creamy & Warm, A Unique Dutch Inspired Mix, Suitable for Vegetarians1p from every pack supports Action Against HungerRegistered Charity No. 1047501For recipe inspiration and step by step guides visit: www.foodsunearthed.co.uk